What we can do for you...

We are transportation information specialists.

At Bergmaier Communications, we consider the full range of today's communications products and services when building Websites and Public Information programs for you and your clients.

We create centerpiece Websites for traditional design stage and construction projects as well as today's Design-Build initiatives that are affordable, informative, user-friendly and easy for you to manage, change, edit and refresh.

In addition, we can provide insight and guidance in the strategic use of current and emerging social media as well as all of the traditional tools of communication (news, newsletters, brochures, graphics, etc.) to craft and deliver messages that inform and promote the level of transparency that builds trust and confidence for taxpayer supported investments in America's highways, bridges and related facilities.

With more than 30 years experience serving DOT's, other transportation agencies and private sector companies involved in the planning, engineering and construction of transportation infrastructure, we will meet all of your needs efficiently, creatively and cost effectively.

Give a call or drop us a line today to see how we can help you promote your company, enhance your menu of available client services and add more value to your relationships with the people and agencies with whom you do business.